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One of these strategies, can turn a round a sale, kill an objection, or move the sale forward. Imagine what 101 can do? These are just a few of the BEST closing skills in the business..........

  • ABC. Always Be Closing
  • Ben Franklin
  • If Close
  • Conditoning Close
  • Puppy Dog
  • Subject to....
  • Columbo close
  • Feel, Felt and Found
  • Competition Close
  • Order Blank Close
  • Smart Question Close
  • Scrooge Close
  • One Good Story
  • Hypnotic Close
  • Testimonial Close
  • Social Pressure Close
  • Reframe and Close
  • Contrast Close
  • Take away
  • Summary Close
  • Guilt Close
  • Value Close
  • Hand Shake Close
  • Deadline
  • Sense of urgency
  • Quality Close
  • Let me think it over..
  • Negative Close
  • Future pace Close
  • Bonus Close

JUST TO NAME A FEW! Man what are you waiting for? You don't know all these closes, and one can make a difference. Let alone all of them. You spend $ 27 bucks on coffee. Buy something that is good for you! Skip the the coffee for a month. You will not be sorry. Anyone of these closing techniques can get you back on track. Close the deal. Remove objections. ALL of them can make you rich! Improving your results by 10, 20, 50 even 100%. You can afford the $ 27 bucks and 2 hours. And if you can't, how committed are you to the selling profession?

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Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins, Author & Motivational Coach

Tony Robbins, taught me some great concepts. Two that have stuck with me my whole life. Break through the obstacles in your mind (use your head--as I am in this picture) and when you are afraid take a step. Fear often holds us back from GREAT success. Fear of loss, fear of failure, even fear of success. When in doubt take a step forward.

Take the next step to increase your sale performance and income. Make an agreement to yourself, to improve your personal performance this year. Invest in yourself; invest in your own success. Invest in 101 Closes. It will make a huge difference in your life. It absolutely works!  

101 Closes

101 Closes


101 Closes will help you:

Set the stage with preframing statements & closes

Kill regular objections forever

Use transitional closes to move the conversation

Understand closes for the 4 social styles

Motivate the apathetic client

Use physical strategies to compel results

Understand the use of friendly pressure


Invest in yourself NOW!

YES! I Want to Doulbe my Results in 2 hours...

Mp4 Computer Video 109 Mins

Audio File 109 Mins (for your listening pleasure)

PDF Summary of 101 Closing Techniques

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P.S. -Need more information to make a decison. Well here are a couple of sample of the closing. Each close in many cases, builds and leas to the next one.


Close # 1


Close # 2


Close # 3


Close # 4


Close $ 5

These 5 are just samples of over 2 hours of Closing statments, questions, preframes and direct closes!

jim Francis

There are 96 more!

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